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Aquemar LTD.
October 14, 1989

Mr. Samuel Department
Department of Defense

Dear Mr. Torres:

Several years back Aquemar Ltd. embarked on a hotel and convention facility project, to be built on a parcel of ocean front property the Company owns on teh Algarve coast of Portugal. This was not an easy project.

There were many constraints caused by the environmental sensitivity of the site, political considerations, ambitious design objectives, and the limitations that are always part of any major project. Francis C. Klein had been involved in medium and large conference, convention, and hospitality industry facilities, thus he had the required experience and track record and was hired for our job. Mr. Klein delivered an excellent architectural concept, which in some ways surpassed our expectations; and he did it in record time.

We are pleased to attest to his talent and competence, not only technical, as the excellent professional that he is, but also as to his sensitivity to real world demands that often frustrate and confound the architect. Thus, he was able to address, and respond to, the attitudes of local officials, the regional subtleties, and the language demands that the project involved.

Building on a well executed site investigation and analysis, Klein demonstrated great flexibility in harmonizing our needs, with the impositions of the central government and the local bureaucracy, to deliver an innovative concept, of extremely well thought out space utilization, which provided a sound and attractive aesthetic treatment, within the budget limitations that had been set.

In a large project, such as ours, the use of space to support the flow of people and materials is of paramount importance. There were elaborate food related facilities to be created, storage and exhibition areas that required intricate planning and coordination, all of which were, in one way or another, regulated by a cumbersome approval process that is often restrictive of the architect's freedom.

Yet, we couldn't have been more pleased with Mr. Klein's concept, and impressed by his ability to easily deal with rnaterial in a foreign language, for which his international background and extensive travel suit him perfectly. To top it off, we found that his professional fees were quite reasonable.

We have for some time been looking at other projects in areas such as the Spanish Extremadura, and have from time to time consulted with Mr. Klein in that regard. We found his cooperative attitude and prompt response provided the valuable support we needed for site research and project planning, and we look forward to having him continue to do our conceptual and project work in the future.

It is not often that an architect of unquestionable professional competence is also adept at dealing with the human and cultural aspects of a location and a project. Francis Klein is one of few such men, and we are pleased to write in his praise.

Yours very truly,

Antony R. DaCruz


38 Park Street | Montclair, NJ 07042 | 973.783.0688