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May 17, 1990

Morgan Guaranty
Trust Company of New York

23 Wall Street
New York NY 10015

To whom it may concern:

In 1986, The Morgan Bank retained Francis Klein to design our new Printing Facility at 111 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. Through extensive discussions, he helped us develop a plan for our 14,000 square foot space that incorporated the latest thinking in the Printing industry. The design of the facility included over 85 pieces of printing equipment and high speed copiers; a supply room; a shipping and receiving area; a dark room; and an administration complex consisting of 2 offices, a clerical area and conference/work room.

His ability to listen, attention to detail and expertise in this area enabled him to deliver a layout that was flexible, sound and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Mr. Klein's supervision of the construction and attention to detail were highly professional. This attention to detail and his follow through resulted in a job that was delivered on time and within the budget limitations that had been set.

We would recommend him to any corporation in need of creative and reasonable architectural solutions to their space planning needs.

Youry truly,

Joseph R. Resch, jr.
Assistant Vice President
Facilities Management

38 Park Street | Montclair, NJ 07042 | 973.783.0688