Needs and Options Review Guide

Most people start building projects after a great deal of thought, but still have unanswered questions about the cost and time involved.

There is a risk in launching a project without a review that answers these questions:

✓ What is the scope of the project?
✓ How much will it cost?
✓ What is a reasonable timeframe for completion?
✓ What do I need to know about zoning so that I can make sure that my vision is realized?

Our Promise

Just as a surgeon must conduct diagnostic studies before an operation, Francis C. Klein & Associates will provide you with an essential analysis for achieving your architectural goals.

Our NEEDS AND OPTIONS REVIEW is designed to give you a greater understanding of your project’s design parameters and construction requirements. The Review will include:

  • Findings and Recommendations
  • A Timeline and Cost Estimate
  • A Plan of Action

Our Process

We developed this method after many people sought our advice as a second opinion. They had become stuck on their design projects as a result of poor planning choices, or regret about earlier decisions they had made without research. There is no substitute for doing your homework! Considering all of your options is the first step in any design process.

Just as you cannot build a house without a solid foundation, you cannot complete a successful project without first making an informed plan of action. In the planning stage, any issue can be easily addressed. Undoing faulty work after it has been completed is always difficult, risky, and costly.


How Does This Process Get Me Closer to My Vision?

There are five important steps in any building project:

  1. Needs and Options Review – which is the first step
  2. Design Phase
  3. Construction Document Phase
  4. Building and Contract Management
  5. Completion Phase

We outline the first step in our Needs and Options Review Guide. This is what our Needs and Options Review includes.