Foursquare Kitchen Renovation

An architectural challenge: Blending Craftsman and Victorian features to achieve the Foursquare style.

We were contacted by clients in Rutherford, NJ, who wanted to renovate the kitchen of their 1909 home. Working with the clients, we added features that would emphasize the unique aesthetic of the home’s Foursquare style while also opening up the space, in keeping with contemporary kitchen design. Our renovation, which was featured in Period Homes magazine, was praised for its synthesis of Craftsman and Victorian features (the definition of Foursquare style). We took inspiration from the rich wood wainscoting, and exposed beams in living room, specifying wide, vertical-board wainscoting for the kitchen in order to achieve the warmth and honesty of Arts and Crafts materials. Open-bracketed shelves and earth-toned tiles add to the effect.



Date: 04.02.2003
Client: Foursquare Kitchen Renovation
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