New Victorian House in Montclair

A new Victorian house in Montclair, NJ, with salvaged doors, mantels, and stained glass.

This custom-built house, featured in Period Homes, was inspired by the owners’ visits to Cape May, NJ, an area known for its Victorian heritage. The houses they saw there helped inspire their architectural “wish list,” which included a classic Victorian tower and authentic exterior details. Inside, the 3,000 sq.ft. home combines additional historical features with a contemporary layout, including an open large kitchen, large family room, and home office. Whenever possible, the clients chose salvage items like doors, mantelpieces, and stained glass. Not only did this save money, but it represented a “green” approach. Another effort to keep costs down came directly from Victorian building practices: on the ground floor, the finishes were made out of oak. But on the upper floors, pine was used. In this way, the clients were able to achieve a Victorian effect within a reasonable budget.

Date: 03.02.2016
Client: New Victorian House in Montclair
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