11 May - 2022

100 Above the Park in St. Louis

Architects have incorporated references to nature in buildings since ancient times from the acanthus leaves in the Corinthian capitals of Greek temples to the structural Minoan columns in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Wax building. Recently the architect Jeanne Gang designed the One Hundred building at Forest Park in St. Louis in a striking tree-like design. The building layout orients around a central north south spine, with apartments radiating out as if they are leaves on a tree. As in nature, every view of the building provides a different experience. The aluminum and glass crown-like tower top of this 36 story building of 316 residential units recalls the excitement of the stainless-steel and glass decorative peak of the Chrysler Building.

Structurally, wedge shaped columns support cantilevered floors while the elevator and stair core brace the building like the trunk of a tree. Each apartment is a corner unit, with the plans of the units staggered and splayed in regard to one another.  Floor to ceiling glass windows frame views in every direction of the greenery of Forest Park and create the excitement of a vertical nature walk.

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